Cleanroom robots


Product Overview

All Shibaura Machine robots have clean room options available. When applied, this can save the significant cost of a human going in and out of the clean room.

The human cost can be found in the protective suit, the time it takes to put the suit on and take it off and counteracting the potential for contamination each time a person steps over the threshold.

When one factors this process into the equation four to eight times a day, the costs start to look significant – especially in comparison to an industrial robot!




  • Applications such as semi-conductor & pharmaceuticals
  • TH-CR series extends to clean room class 10
  • Operating speeds of axis 2 and 3 are restricted to 80 percent


Ceiling mounted robots


Product Overview

Ceiling mount capabilities make the Shibaura Machine range of SCARA robots much more versatile. They save space in the robot cell, allowing valuable manufacturing real estate to be put to other uses.

This function has always been available as an option on the entire range of SCARAs (except TH180TH250A & THL300).

However, since 2008 Shibaura Machine has gradually introduced catalogue versions on many of its models, which saves engineering time for the end user and the integrator.




  • Can be suspended from the top of the work area
  • Makes the best possible use of the available area



Robot ingress protection IP65


Product Overview

Industrial robots benefit hugely from the versatility offered by IP65 ingress protection, which allows them to be become part of the manufacturing process in food and pharmaceutical applications, rather than being limited to end of line packaging.

Many of the SCARA robots in Shibaura Machine’s range are produced in ‘off the shelf’ IP65 versions. Those that aren’t can take advantage of the company’s IP65 ‘hoods’, which provide similar advantages and can be retrofitted to existing robots.




  • Applications such as semi-conductor & pharmaceuticals
  • In case of Z-axis 400mm, the height of the robot tool flange is located 10mm lower than the standard type and Z-axis stoke becomes 390mm



SCARA robot z-axis


Product Overview

Every application is unique and occasionally the need arises to position the robot some distance from the product it is handling. On these occasions, the capability to extend the z-axis stroke of a SCARA robot can be invaluable, allowing the user to opt for this cost effective technology in place of more expensive, but larger, 6-axis machines.

That this can be achieved without significantly reducing the payload, repeatability or speed of the machines simply demonstrates the versatility of the Shibaura Machine SCARA range.

Applicable Models: TH450ATH550ATH650ATH850ATH1050A





  • TH450A/TH550A Z-axis stroke can be extended up to 300mm
  • TH650A/TH850A/TH1050A Z-axis stroke can be extended up to 400mm
  • Larger margin for upward or downward movement
  • Vital in long workplaces



Industrial robot jackets and bellows


Product Overview

Ideal when using the robot in a hostile environment to protect from splashing or abrasive material, a jacket and bellows combination can be a more cost effective option than full IP65 ingress protection.

However, this option would only normally be recommended for applications where there is no chance of contaminating the manufactured product, but where the robot itself needs to be protected.

The hood alone is normally used in dry but dirty environments.



  • Applicable to all SCARA models
  • Ideal when using the robot in a hostile environment.
  • Protects from liquid splashing and abrasive materials.
  • In the case of the Z-Axis 400mm, the height of the robot tool flange is 10mm lower than the standard model, so the z-axis stroke becomes 390mm.



Conveyor robots


Product Overview

Conveyor and vision synchronisation is simple with Shibaura Machine’s range of industrial robots. As a result, the end user can cut costs by ‘sharing’ a single camera between all of the robots on a conveyor.

Furthermore, the resultant, perfectly synchronized, automation reduces the incidence of damage to the conveyed items.

The net effect is greater efficiency and productivity, combined with savings in vision technology in a single, easy-to-implement package.




  • The robot traces the conveyor’s movement
  • Allows continuous handling of workpieces
  • Allows supply of workpieces to a moving pallet
  • Rotational synchronisation available