Compact yet powerful, 6-axis robots are an ideal articulated robot solution for many industrial manufacturing environments. They provide the optimal combination of flexibility, strength and reach.

As the name suggests, these robots are able to move along six axes, mimicking the movements of a human arm. Each axis represents an independent motion or degree of freedom, which allows the robotic arm to move to a programmed point.

While some robots struggle with dexterous applications, 6-axis industrial robots are suited to precision automation tasks due to their motion control capabilities. These versatile and flexible robots can also be easily reprogrammed for other tasks. At TM Robotics, we can work with you to make adjustments for custom applications.

As one of the most popular industrial robot types in manufacturing, 6-axis robots are suited to a wide range of standard applications:

·      Material handling

·      Part picking and part handling

·      Stacking and sorting

·      Assembly

·      Packaging and palletising

·      Painting

Not sure which industrial robot is right for you? Check out our full six axis robot range, below.

6 axis industrial robot range

TM Robotics offers a number of 6-axis robots from the production lines of industrial robot manufacturer Shibaura Machine – formerly known as Toshiba Machine. These are suited to a variety of industries, including manufacturing for automotive components, plastics, medical, packaging and the pharmaceutical industry:

The TVM1200 is a 6-axis robot from Shibaura Machine.The TV range are handling robots that offer customers the additional flexibility required in certain applications. The technology is based on the clean, quick and high performance levels of a SCARA robot, but with the full movement of a 6-axis robot.

The TVL range is a lightweight, compact and vertically-articulated 6-axis robot offering high performance and productivity for all assembly and handling applications. Due to its compact size, the TVL also saves on space while delivering all the functionality you need from a 6-axis robot. This, ultimately, results in a fraction of the expected footprint within your production line.

The TVM range has a lightweight design that is improved by the addition of an aluminium extrusion. This section of the robot is up to 55 per cent lighter than the usual cast aluminium. From a production perspective, this lighter weight also reduces the overall cost of production and components — further improving the costs associated with the machine.

Follow the links above to explore each 6-axis range in more detail. Shibaura Machine also offers SCARA and Cartesian robot models, which may be more suited to your application. If in doubt, contact a TM Robotics specialist.

Controllers for 6 axis robotic arms

All of our 6-axis robots are provided with Shibaura Machine's series of controllers, which are programmed in SCOL. This is a high-level process control language, similar to BASIC, developed to be used in multi-purpose process control systems.

6-axis robots can also be combined with vision and conveyor tracking solutions for complex pick and place applications, fully automated quality control and inspection tasks.

For instance, 3D vision systems equip robots to identify unforeseen variables in work environments. They can complete more than one task without reprogramming, and be used in an even broader range of applications. Learn more about our 3D vision offering, TSVison3D, here.

Unsure which 6-axis robot is right for you? Don’t fret, as TM Robotics' team of experts can provide a consultation to determine the best robot for your application.

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