20-plus years of supplying industrial robots

Founded in 2000, TM Robotics has supplied industrial robots internationally for more than two decades. During this period, we’ve exclusively partnered as the premier distributor for Shibaura Machine in Japan, formerly known as Toshiba Machine. We’re proud to deliver the highest quality machinery to customers around the world — and to represent a company with such a unique history in Japan’s manufacturing past.

Shibaura Machine was first founded as Shibaura Machine Tool Co. in 1938, and was Japan's first large-scale machine tool manufacturing business. Shibaura Machine Tool Co. completed its first mass-produced tool at the newly-opened Tsurumi Plant in 1939. It afterwards went on to produce its first electric refrigerator, the cigarette rolling machine, textile machines and more.

In 1956, Shibaura Machine Tool Co. manufactured its first injection molding machine. The company soon-after merged and absorbed Shibaura Machine Tool, and the company name was changed to Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd in the early 1960s. Toshiba Machine opened its Sagami Plant in 1964, dedicated to the production of hydraulic machinery used for heavy construction machines.


Evolving towards industrial robots

Over the subsequent decades, Toshiba Machine would expand its operations internationally and progress its offering to include various types of industrial robot. The expansion started with its first-ever subsidiary in the United States, followed by Brazil and Singapore. Further subsidiaries were opened in Canada, Germany, Thailand and Taiwan during 1988-89, and later Hong Kong in 1995.

All the while, the company progressed further into engineering robotics, and became responsible for many of the high-speed SCARA, 6-axis and Cartesian robots you see on today’s production lines. In 2020, Toshiba Machine referenced its origins by rebranding as Shibaura Machine Co. Ltd. The name change reflected its formal separation from the larger Toshiba Corporation, which happened in 2017.

So, from April 2020, after two decades as a Toshiba Machine industrial robot distributor, TM Robotics became the official distribution partner of Shibaura Machine robots — and remains so to this day. We’ve supplied the company’s extensive range that includes energy efficient, high-speed 6-axis robots, SCARA and Cartesian robots through our distributor network. Our automation solutions have supported industrial applications all over the world.

After more than two decades in the manufacturing robot market, TM Robotics has built an impressive reputation and a distribution network that spans across five continents. This includes distributors in EuropeNorth and South America and the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. We offer an industrial automation solution to suit every robot application.

View TM Robotics full product line-up of Shibaura Machine robots, here. We also provide advanced robot programming and various levels of training, from basic robot programming to more advanced courses.

After two decades, TM Robotics’ commitment remains the same. As Shibaura Machine’s official distributor, our goal is to be a supplier of the highest quality machinery, and assist companies with robotic solutions. Together, we are well-positioned to grow and contribute to the global economy for decades to come, supporting the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and more.

TM Robotics remains proud to be a close, valued partner of a robotics company as unique to manufacturing history as Shibaura Machine. 

In 2019, the History Channel produced a feature video on Shibaura Machine, formerly Toshiba Machine, and its engineering heritage. Watch th clip below to discover more.