A smart, integrated industrial automation solution

For manufacturers looking for a flexible, easily installable feeding system.


The Supata® is a comprehensive feeder module, designed by EPF Elettrotecnica to overcome the limitations of more traditional vibratory feeders, and to inject agility and adaptability. The solution consists of a feeding system, a vision system, a robotic handling system, and a control system (HMI).  As a modular station, it is easy to integrate the Supata into both new and existing production lines.


The Supata achieves quick and precise assembly through manipulating and singularising products and components using a vibratory smart feeder. The smart feeder consists of a vibrating table and a hopper, which allow the Supata to handle components of various sizes, shape or material, ranging from less than 10 mm to over 250 mm in size and 25 to 350 g in weight. The Supata integrated system can maintain a constant cycle time, with the potential to process one part per second.


With an artificial intelligence (AI) equipped vision system, the Supata uses algorithms able to identify and locate components on the vibratory table, communicating the coordinates that enable the robot arm to pick and place. The AI enhanced vision system drastically reduces the solutions incidence of errors, increasing productivity by 17 to 20 per cent, compared to a more basic vision system.


Due to its precision and speed, the Supata system is an ideal choice for use in the automotive, technical, medical and electronics sectors. The plug-and-play solution facilitates agile, small-batch production, which can be easily managed through its single interface.


Efficient operation with a feeder robot


Supata smart feeders come equipped with a Shibaura Machine industrial robot. Depending on the demands of the application, users can select a 6-axis or SCARA robot. Whether customers opt for high speed SCARAs or the advanced control of 6-axis robots, Shibaura Machine offers reliable, accurate and cost-effective feeder robots.


To learn more about the SUPATA feeder robot solution, take a look at this video:



The Supata flexible feeder is available in a range of different designs and sizes, which mean it can easily be configured for any workshop or production line.


To learn more about the Supata feeder robot solution and access the system’s full specifications and range of options, get in touch.