Cartesian robots

Shibaura Machine has manufactured Cartesian robots since 1986. The line-up of Cartesian robot models focuses on providing high reliability and ease of operation. Shibaura Machine’s BA-III Series of Cartesian robots are designed for simplicity. In fact, there is little-to-no programming required to operate robots from this range.

Our Cartesian robot offering is a true plug and play system. All the cables, connectors, junctions’ boxes, actuators, servo-motors, controllers are provided as a set and can be delivered assembled.

While this series reduces complexity, it also helps reduction in footprint and cost for engineering time as motors do not need to be calibrated to the actuator and the controller.

Linear robots

For easy understanding when considering a robot’s work envelope, the one-dimensional motion of these machines boasts high reliability. In fact, our Cartesian robots use between three and four sliding joints for fast and effective mechanical movement.

For this reason, these robots are suitable for several production lines, including parts assembly, conveying and transfer applications.

Want to find out which Cartesian robot is best for you? Our team are at hand to discuss how the right industrial robot can boost your facility’s productivity, without breaking the bank.

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