TM Robotics offers soldering robots in partnership with Elmotec

ELMOTEC is a family owned Swiss company established in 1989. Development, construction and production of electric drives, controlled soldering equipment and machines being its main focus, it specialises in solving problems utilising the latest and most advanced technology.

In 2001, all products and services were streamlined under the brand and company name of ELMOTEC. Robotic soldering technology using Shibaura Machine robots, automatic soldering products for electrical/electronic industries and special components for assembly and handling such as small conveyors belts and rotary drives are all part of the portfolio. Elmotec specialists have more than thirty years of experience in the industry.

Our range of soldering robots, in partnership with Elmotech, offer accuracy and reliability, providing peace of mind when it comes to precise soldering applications. The soldering peripherals are designed to be easy to use, to ensure the soldering heads are simple to mount onto Shibaura Machine SCARA robots during production.

The range of peripheral heads for soldering robots includes a laser soldering head, ideal for heat-sensitive electrical components. It’s the perfect tool if you need short bursts of high temperatures, and comes equipped with a 100-Watt laser, an integrated pyrometer and a camera.

By contrast, the high-frequency soldering head is a compact induction-heated application, which guarantees accurate soldering, even in tight spaces. When there’s even less room to manoeuvre, our flame soldering head offers maximum energy for micro flame soldering, and is available with a range of nozzles to suit all applications.

To learn more about the applications of our soldering robots, read this case study.

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