Injection moulding machines from Shibaura Machine

We’re the sales and support partner for Shibaura Machine injection moulding machines in the UK and Ireland — selling, installing and maintaining Shibaura Machine’s fleet of injection moulding equipment.

The product range includes the full scope of the all-electric SXIII injection moulding machine series — an enhanced performance model from Shibaura Machine, with significantly faster injection speeds than traditional moulding equipment. You can view the full range of SXIII injection moulding machines here.

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The SXIII range comes with the intuitive V70 controller, a tool designed for smart factory operations. Packed with features for speeding up mould set ups and optimising cycle times for mass production, the SXIII is the ultimate injection moulding machine for the UK and Ireland plastic industries.

Moreover, the series comes in a range of injection capacities.


Have an older injection moulding machine in operation?

Our team of experts are also responsible for parts supply and maintenance for all existing Shibaura Machine and Toshiba Machine injection moulding equipment in the field. This includes maintenance of legacy hydraulic injection moulding machines. Speak to our injection moulding engineers directly to look a service on +44 (0) 1707 290370.


Looking for injection molding in the US?

We only supply injection molding equipment for the UK and Ireland. However, you can contact the Shibaura Machine injection molding division in the United States.