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Automated packaging system for box rightsizing

Product Overview

The CASi-SmartBox is an automated packing system that is designed to provide smart and efficient packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes. This innovative outbound logistics system is available alongside our other logistics solutions, such as our box opening and box packing robots.

Boxes with varying heights and footprints are conveyed into the CASi-SmartBox system, where the height of the highest item is precisely detected. Excess corrugate is cut away and adhesive is applied. Low volume box sizes can be manually lidded, or the system can be integrated with automatic lidding solutions. This process of converting boxes to an appropriate or optimum size is known as rightsizing.

State-of-the-art packaging automation for outbound logistics

Using its intelligent box-opening technology, the CASi-SmartBox can dramatically reduce dimensional weight cost of shipping. The CASi-SmartBox can automatically adjust its size to fit the exact dimensions of your product. This eliminates the need for excessive packaging — a win for sustainability goals and profit margins.

The CASi-SmartBox is a highly versatile and affordable system that can be used for a broad number of packaging applications. It can handle a range of products and sizes.

This makes it a perfect solution for businesses with diverse product lines, as other box resizing systems are limited and can only resize one carton footprint per machine.

A long-term cost saving solution

CASi SmartBox UIFor ecommerce businesses, the shipping cost represents 60 to 70 per cent of the total cost of getting a package delivered. This is a much larger component than labour or material.

This automated box rightsizing system has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in future shipping costs. By removing excess packing material, the CASi-SmartBox ensures each box is the correct size for the product. As well as saving you money on shipping rates, it removes the need for manual calculations, further boosting your bottom line.

Moreover, there’s no need to extensively rearrange your existing packaging line to integrate the CASi-SmartBox into your operations. The only change necessary is to switch from a regular slotted container (RSC) to a half-slotted container (HSC) or tray.

How can we reduce packaging waste?

Close up view of the CASi SMartBox in operationThe CASi-SmartBox is an eco-friendly option that can help your company meet its sustainability objectives. This is done by reducing packaging waste and optimising space.

The sustainability calculators can help to reduce the amount of dunnage and corrugated in the waste stream. Additionally, they can help to improve transportation efficiency by increasing truck density.

    With its advanced technology, high-speed performance, and smart features, this system can help you to streamline your packaging processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency

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