Robot 3D vision systems | Bin picking systems | 3D vision
Robot 3D vision systems | Bin picking systems | 3D vision

TSVision3D — 3D vision for your industrial robot

Product Overview


Bin-picking, without the fuss

To automate bulk picking, TSVision3D incorporates two integrated, high-speed stereo cameras that are capable of 30 frames per second for continuous, real-time 3D images. The camera completes image capture, processing and parallax operations to identify items’ positions and the vision software adds easy model registration without requiring complex CAD data.

3D vision allows robots to account for unforeseen variables in their work environment, to complete more than one task without reprogramming and to be used in a broader range of applications. It's ideal for uses where objects aren't uniform or lack CAD data, like fruit or vegetables. 3D vision eliminates the risk of error due to object location and improves robot flexibility and speed compared to "blind" robots in pick and place tasks.

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This 3D vision software can be intergrated with a 6 axis robot arm, for fully automated quality control and inspection.

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