Robot programming software

Product Overview


Software that makes system design and installation easy

Shibaura Machine’s wide range of easy to use robot software makes programming and control simple, even for engineers who are embarking on their first industrial robot project.

When combined with TM Robotics training options the end result is a simple, cost effective and easily controlled installation.

TSAssist – Shibaura Machine’s robot programming tools

The TSAssist robot programming tool from Shibaura Machine offers powerful assistance to all phases of automation facilities from planning and installation to enhancement.

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  • Easy operation
  • Solution function
  • Multiple language support
  • High performance 3D simulation
  • Highly functional program editor

TSPC software – for easy robot programming

Shibaura Machine’s TSPC software features a powerful simulation function which allows the user to create robot programmes after only basic training. This reduces lead times when integrating a robot and allows for pre-checking of new programmes, without stopping the production line.

  • User friendly programming
  • Extensive help section and syntax check
  • Multi-function monitor and support
  • Connection via Ethernet
  • Active programme, position and alarm history display

TCPRGOS software – for programming the built-in PLC

Shibaura Machine’s TS series controllers all feature a built in TCmini PLC, which is easily programmed using the company’s TCPRGOS software. The package allows for control of I/O equipment, regardless of robot operation and programme. As a result, flexible system design and control of peripheral equipment is possible, without the cost of an external PLC.

  • Ladder style logic programming
  • Online monitoring of ladder programme and I/O status helps
  • Reduce development and de-bugging time
  • Functions include address map and comment displays and search

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