TM Robotics, in partnership with Shibaura Machine, announced today the newest in Shibaura Machine’s BA Cartesian series, the BAIII. Unlike most Cartesian suppliers, the Shibaura Machine solution is a true plug-and-play as all cables, junction boxes, brackets, motors, and controllers are supplied with the Actuators. This means there’s no need for calibration between the motor and the Actuator or between the motor and the controller, which enables users to reduce their engineering costs – saving both time and money – and use the BAIII as soon as it’s installed.

In addition to being plug-and-play, the BAIII robot offers simple programming for user-friendly operation. Other key features include:
  • Length of Actuator: Extensive range from 50mm to 4450mm.
  • Availability: Vast range of combinations from single- to two-, three- and four-axis meet many requirements and applications.
  • Applications: Transfer, inspection, palletizing, assembly, and sealing.

AC Servo-motors and absolute encoders are available in all models, thus ensuring accuracy and eliminating the need to perform a home-positioning routine. The BAIII also includes a high payload capacity, which means a horizontal mass of 250Kgs with a two-axis combination is capable of carrying up to 100Kgs, and the robot can run at a speed as high as 2000mm/sec.

SMASHsolar, a California-based company that preassembles frameless photovoltaic (PV) modules with a patented snap-mounting system, is among the first to implement the BAIII on its production floor. The company was looking for not just a robotics partner, but also one that could scale as it grew. “TM Robotics offered us tremendous support in our search for just the right robotic solution, presenting multiple options until we found the best and most cost-effective choice, especially given our limited production space,” said Troy Tyler, founder and CEO of SMASHsolar. “Shibaura Machine’s BAIII met our needs for precision, reach, adaptability, and more. With the BAIII system in place, we’re confident we can continue to increase production and meet our future growth plans with no assembly floor issues.”

As users of the Shibaura Machine Cartesian range can attest, one of the benefits the line offers is that the units can be shipped assembled for usage straight from the box. In addition, the Actuators have oil free bearings, allowing for minimal maintenance requirements.

“With this new Cartesian series we’re seeing more capabilities being put into the hands of our customers, reducing their need to spend engineering time up front,” said Nigel Smith, CEO of TM Robotics. “As one of the only companies offering a true plug-and-play solution, Shibaura Machine has given our customers not only an immediate cost savings, it also provides them with the added autonomy they’ve been looking for.”

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