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Desktop soldering robot

Product Overview

Auto Soldering desktop robot

Looking for a new way to automate soldering

The SolderSmart® Soldering Robot is the ideal solution. Operated via a controller, this quick soldering desktop robot is used for fully automated and reliable processing of single or multi-point soldering spots. Typical application areas include through-hole technology (THT) components soldering on assembled boards, soldering stranded wires to boards and soldering of connectors.

This soldering desktop robot provides a brand-new way of managing soldering tasks — even the most complex of applications.

SolderSmart® meets the highest technical standards and the soldering process monitored and documented for traceability. Axes control can be achieved via a PC or server, with an easy to use Windows interface. Moreover, all relevant data such as heating duration, temperature variations and wire length is saved to the PC hard drive or server.

For optimal heat transfer, an optional electrically driven soldering iron can also be programmed to set travel and pressure parameters for specified soldering points.

Due to its modular design, the auto soldering desktop robot may be used as an independent soldering station or as an integral part of a production line.

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Advantages of a quick soldering desktop robot

  • Traceability of soldering process parameters
  • Data export and remote access
  • High precision wire feeder (DVS1490)
  • Non-twisting closure for the soldering iron
  • Fully automated
  • Ensures correct size of soldering tip is used throughout
  • Ensures the soldering tip is always correctly aligned
  • Quick-to-learn software
  • Extension options
  • New drag soldering function
  • Worldwide online support

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