Ten-tola gold bars – they’re small, they’re incredibly pure, they’re the backbone of trading and investment with the Middle and Far East and Shibaura Machine robots make them. The gold bars made by Johnson Matthey plc, one of the world’s leading specialists in precious metals and advanced materials technology, are cast at the company’s first fully automated gold bar production line at Royston, Hertfordshire. The line, uses advanced Shibaura Machine SCARA robotics systems, available from TM Robotics (Europe) Limited and installed by Evershed Robotics Limited.

The movement of the gold in the furnace, the manipulation of the pouring process and the bar conveying and handling system are all precisely controlled using the robotic control system and the SCARA robot. The melting furnaces operate at 1300°C, so the robots must be capable of withstanding the heat.

The ten-tola gold bars produced by the new line each measure approximately 50mm x 20mm x 5mm. Clearly, the accuracy and quality of the bars is critical, since they represent exact monetary values – huge sums of money could be lost if even a few bars were but a fraction of an ounce too heavy.  Hence, the accuracy of the robot’s control programming is vital.  In addition, the new line also packs the bars in the special boxes required by the bullion banks or by using a high security shrink wrap system.  


The system is the result of intensive research and development by Johnson Matthey, Shibaura Machine and Evershed Robotics. Shortly after the new line was opened, Johnson Matthey was presented with an award for innovation in use of Robotics. Speaking about the gold production line, a member of Johnson Matthey’s Weighing and Automation Department, said ‘’This application lends itself to automation for all manner of reasons and clearly the value and nature of the material demands quality, precision and reliability. After much research we found the Shibaura Machine SCARA robots to be the most suitable for our application. The robots lead in what is clearly recognised as the next major leap forward in cost effective manufacturing."

The Shibaura Machine high speed, high accuracy SCARA robots are ideally suited for applications involving automatic assembly, testing, pick and place, palletising, machine loading, adhesive/sealing operations, as well as others where accuracy and repeatability bring about cost savings with higher quality. Payloads of up to 40Kg and speeds in excess of 5m/s can be achieved, yet with maintained repeatability within a tolerance 0.03mm.

Evershed Robotics has sold and supported Shibaura Machine robots since 1982 and is Shibaura Machine’s longest serving European robotics partner. The company has contributed significant technical expertise in advanced control systems and automation engineering to the design and construction of Johnson Matthey’s truly ‘’leading edge’’ robotics installation. Shibaura Machine robots are available throughout Europe from Shibaura Machine’s exclusive partner TM Robotics (Europe) Limited.

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