TS5000 controller for easy robot programming

Product Overview

The TS5000 robot controller is the latest controller from Shibaura Machine. It boasts position control, resulting in more precise robotic movements and shorter cycle times. It acts as the launch pad for Shibaura Machine’s next generation of industrial robots, and is compatible with the brand’s leading robot models. Discover the:

Compared to previous controllers, the TS5000 offers a three times faster position cycle for better synchronisation and control. Plus, with dedicated ports for status feedback and control, additional ports for priority communication like vision interfacing, and eight additional ports for non-protocol communication — four times as many as the previous model — the TS5000 is designed for use in today’s smart, connected factories.

Available in three models

For customers looking for high-speed, precision automation solutions, the Shibaura Machine SCARA robot range and TS5000 controller are a formidable combination. Check out the TP5000 teach pendant for more options on robot control.

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