What are the safety features of Shibaura Machine robots?


As more industries embrace automation, industrial robots are becoming a vital part of many operations.

As failures or technical issues could have severe consequences for human operators, assets and the equipment surrounding the robot, safety measures are of the utmost importance.

Shibaura Machine robots and their controllers come with integrated features to ensure safe operation of robot systems. Interrupts can be programmed into robots  for improved safety monitoring, and the controller functionality can allow users to gain control individual axes and to define the robot’s maximum torque. This protects both the robot and the operator.

The controllers are also able to monitor the system during operation and discover faults, generating alarms in response to faults. These alarms trigger system reactions depending on the severity of the fault. These system reactions range from error messages to alert operators to a minor fault, to emergency stops which shut the system down.

These features are available on Shibaura Machine’s SCARA, 6-axis and Cartesian robot models.



Industrial robot safety standards


To ensure the safety of operators, international robot safety standards have been introduced to ensure all manufacturing plants adhere to the same regulations. These safety standards are intended to minimize the risk of injury and ensure standardised guidelines for safe operation of industrial robots.


Standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 for industrial robots and robot systems set out by the International Organization for Standardization cover the design and construction of robots, and their installation and integration respectively.


Meeting these standards is required for products to achieve CE compliance. CE markings are required for units sold or installed within the European Union but are optional outside the EU. Shibaura Machine robots can all be made CE compliant by selecting a CE variant controller. These controllers are identified by the “E” after the model number.


ESA certification and KC (Korean certification) are available on a limited number of our products. If you would like guidance on which models this applies to, or if you would like to know more about robot safety features and how our products comply with international standards, get in touch with our experts today.


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