Smart factories

As more and more companies recognise the advantages provided by Industry 4.0, we are seeing increasing numbers of customers looking for industrial robots that can communicate with other factory devices. 


Shibaura Machine, formerly Toshiba Machine, industrial robots are designed with smart factories in mind, and are able to communicate with other devices in a variety of ways.


Robot HMI

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are devices that enable humans to interact with machines, from push buttons, to touch screens, to computers with a mouse. Shibaura Machine industrial robots are compatible with a wide variety of HMIs. Using the Toshiba TC200 Driver, Shibaura Machine industrial robots can communicate with most industrial HMI devices, including, but not limited to is installed. Compatible HMI brands include Siemens, Allen Bradley, Keyence, Proface, Hakko, and IDEC.

Robot communication for a smart factory is possible with the Shibaura Machine TS5000 controller.

Fieldbus and Ethernet protocols

All Shibaura Machine controllers offer FieldBus or Ethernet options to increase robot connectivity and simplify the connection process. Protocols compatible with our controllers include DeviceNet, Profibus, CC-Link, Ethernet I/P, EtherCat and ProfiNet. All FieldBus connections are slave only.


Serial communication

Just as computers can be connected directly to other devices through serial ports, so too can Shibaura Machine industrial robots. Shibaura Machine robots have at least one RS232C-standard serial port, for uploading and downloading programming language as well as connecting to external control devices such as HMIs.


In the age of Industry 4.0, ease of connectivity, preventive maintenance, and, in the post COVID-19 working environment, remote troubleshooting, and maintenance are become more and more important.  As a result, many companies — Shibaura Machine included — are focusing on developing technologies that enable more connected production lines.


Take a look at the video below to see an example of Shibaura Machine industrial robots working and communicating together. In this application, the robots are assembling electric vehicle batteries.




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