TM Robotics announced it will close out 2015 with growth in virtually every area of the business. The company achieved several important milestones by bringing on eight new partners worldwide, extending its reach to seven additional countries, and hiring a senior sales executive tasked with expanding the U.S. market. These changes helped TM Robotics realize its goals for development this year in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and automotive industries, and laid the foundation for the company’s move into new markets like food packaging and plastics in 2016.

Since its inception, working with partners that are well versed in a particular region’s local culture and business environment has fueled TM Robotics’ success. These companies support TM Robotics in everything from determining the needs of a particular customer to pre- and post-sales support, helping increase brand awareness and giving TM Robotics executives more time to focus on the bigger picture—the company’s continued expansion as a global brand.

“Having someone who already has a support system in place, with a deep understanding of a country’s culture and approach to business, saves us a tremendous amount of time and resources,” said TM Robotics CEO Nigel Smith. “By partnering with local distributors, we can hit the ground running and begin making sales right away. Our focus is on the customer’s automation needs and delivering a solution that improves their bottom line.”

Industry group Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has noted that in 2015 manufacturing companies embraced the use of smaller, flexible automation systems more than ever before. TM Robotics, which specializes in the sale of these robots, is ready to meet this increase in market demand in 2016 with the additional sales force and new distribution partners onboard.

Building new partner relationships is also one of the key responsibilities of TM Robotics’ new Business Development Manager, Doug Dalgliesh. With his more than 35 years of experience selling robotics, Dalgliesh has been an important part of TM Robotics’ strategy to aggressively expand its sales and distribution efforts throughout the U.S. In just a few short months since coming on board, Dalgliesh secured new partnerships with Rankin Automation, serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland; Filco Industrial, serving Wisconsin; and SunSource, serving Michigan.

Additional countries and distribution partners TM Robotics introduced this year include:

  • Hungary (Novexim)
  • Slovakia-S-K (S-D-A)
  • Benelux (ABI)
  • Bulgaria (KMS)
  • UAE (Arpi); and
  • Canada, for which TM Robotics is handling the distribution.

“We wanted a strong robot partner that offers a complete product line with the latest features,” said Rankin Automation’s President Carter Williams. “TM Robotics is the only company that’s been able to provide these benefits at a premium value. With their Shibaura Machine robots, we can now offer our customers a more complete, robust solution.” 

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