The Shibaura Machine TS5000-SS controller available in US

TM Robotics displays robot with cutting-edge controller at the Assembly Show 2023


TM Robotics, the industrial robot distributor, will exhibit at the Assembly Show, on 24 to 26 October, 2023, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. TM Robotics will be demonstrating the latest robotic technologies, including the new THE400 SCARA robot and TS5000-SS controller, at booth 653.

As the premium distributor for Shibaura Machine — formerly known as Toshiba Machine — industrial robots, TM Robotics will be showing the latest robot technologies in stock for the US. The THE400 SCARA robot, which set the standard for subsequent generations of SCARA robots, is the price performer leader in the small SCARA market. The robot offers high-speed operation and high payload capacity, enabling fast-cycle automation in electronics and automotive manufacturing for parts assembly, testing and transfer processes.

The THE400 remains cost-effective while possessing a wealth of features — priced below $10,000 while steadfastly offering greater than 99 per cent overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The THE400 can achieve operating speeds of 7000 mm per second, with cycle times of 0.3 seconds when handling a standard 2kg payload. Furthermore, it is built to accommodate a maximum payload of 5kg, with an allowable moment of inertia of 0.06 kgm².

The Shibaura Machine THE 400 available in USTM Robotics will be exhibiting the THE400 with the latest controller from Shibaura Machine — the TS5000-SS — which is also compatible with THL500, THL600 and THL700 models. Engineered to meet Industry 4.0 standards, this technology serves as the foundation for the forthcoming generation of Shibaura Machine robots.

The TS5000-SS controller boasts improved data transmission capabilities, facilitating vibration analysis for intelligent maintenance and delivers three times faster position cycles than its predecessors, offering increased precision during rapid movements.


The TS5000-SS features dedicated ports for status feedback and control, with extra ports prioritized for communication needs, like vision interfacing. Along with eight additional ports for non-protocol communication — four times the count of the prior model — the TS5000-SS is meticulously designed for application in smart, connected factories.

“When combined with the TS5000-SS controller, the THE400 provides a formidable automation solution,” explained Nigel Smith, president and CEO of TM Robotics. “Not only that but the controller is 33 per cent smaller than its predecessors, weighing a mere 9kg, — allowing the factory footprint to be kept to a minimum.”

The TS5000-SS controller can also work alongside the TP5000 teach pendant, enabling operators to control the robot manually. This functionality proves invaluable for tasks such as maintenance, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning the robot's performance.

The THE400 is the smallest robot in Shibaura Machine’s THE SCARA series, which includes the THE600, THE800 and THE1000. The THE600, featuring a 600mm arm length, maintains its high-speed capabilities while enhancing synchronized control and precision in tracking.

The THE800 is the second largest robot in this range and the THE1000, the largest model, is suitable for electric vehicle battery assembly, as well as almost any other application. Both models are versatile and suitable for payloads of up to 20kg, with an allowable inertia of 0.6 kg per m2.

A cost-effective choice that is well-suited for users and system integrators, the THE series is purpose-built for electronics and automotive assembly and inspection — a precision fit for the Assembly Show lineup.

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