CASi-SmartBox - UI and Close Up

TM Robotics is now offering the CASI-SmartBox – a solution using a Shibaura Machine robot that cuts excess cardboard on any size box by scanning the item height

TM Robotics, the official distributor of Shibaura Machine industrial robots, formerly known as Toshiba Machine, is now supplying the CASI-SmartBox. The CASI-SmartBox is a versatile machine that reduces the size of any shipping box, streamlining the packing process for e-commerce businesses.

Launched at ProMat 2023, the CASI-SmartBox uses a sensor to detect the height of the highest item in the box and precisely cuts excess cardboard with a robotic arm. It has a processing capacity of up to 12 carton boxes per minute and its various features include automatic box resizing for random carton footprints and a low complexity that allows pass-through of packages that do not require resizing.

CASi-SmartBox wideThe productivity calculators available with the machine provide data points like blade changes, production rates, idle rates, and capacity usage. What’s more, the machine's branding flexibility enables customers to use unbranded boxes upstream and put their branded lid of choice on the box after resizing.

According to CASI, businesses can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in future shipping costs, as shipping expenses can represent 60 to 70 per cent of the total cost of delivering packages.

"The CASI-SmartBox is an eco-friendly and affordable solution that can help businesses meet their sustainability objectives while optimizing space and reducing packaging waste,” explained Nigel Smith, CEO of TM Robotics. “Our relationship as a supplier of CASI industrial equipment is longstanding. We have been offering the CASI IBOD to our customers for many years, which has been a great success story. Building on that supplier relationship, we are now excited to be able to promote the CASI-SmartBox to our customers alongside our other established logistics solutions.”

Overall, the CASI-SmartBox is a game-changer in the e-commerce industry, offering a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution that saves businesses money while helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

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