Revolutionising industrial automation with cutting-edge feeding systems


Infinifeed™ is the innovative parallel belt conveyor with opposing motion for feeding blanks. Designed by DOMA Automation and integrated by Tera Automation, it is equipped with diverters and aided by a 2D vision system. This allows the parts to be singulated (by tilting and aligning them) for pick-up by the robot and subsequent machining. Powered by Shibaura Machine’s THE range of industrial robots, TM Robotics supplies the complete standalone system.

In the realm of industrial automation, power systems play a crucial role in facilitating seamless handling of items for robotic operations. These systems, when paired with 2D vision technology, ensure that items are detected, selected and managed with precision. Continuous and regular supply, along with the ability to handle a wide variety of shapes and sizes, is essential for optimising automation processes.


User-friendly and highly efficient


The Infinifeed™ is a power system that is not only competitive but also exceptionally user-friendly. The challenge lay in developing software that enables smooth communication between the robots, vision system, and the power system itself. Infinifeed™ achieves this with an integrated app, allowing for remote control, configuration, and seamless integration with your existing systems.


With the app, you can:


  • Easily take a photo of the object to be handled, mark the gripping point and send the information to the vision system.
  • Adjust the speed of the belts.
  • Monitor general operations, including startup and shutdown, in real time.
  • Receive instant alerts on any operational issues.


Advanced hardware features: 


  1. Fluid circuit and reduced interlocking: Eliminates physical barriers, ensuring smooth part circulation and reducing the risk of interlocking
  2. Integrated electronic parts: Simplifies the system, with the app serving as the sole user interface
  3. Simplified disassembly: Magnetic removable shell and sides make maintenance and cleaning straightforward
  4. Reclining belts: Adjustable inclination to accommodate different workpiece sizes and weights
  5. Optional illuminator: Enhances visibility of parts for the vision system
  6. Optional tilting pistons: Electric pistons help distribute and tilt parts for optimal gripping
  7. Electronic drives: Eliminates the need for compressed air, enhancing system efficiency


The future of industrial automation


The Infinifeed™ system is designed to maximise operational efficiency and minimise setup times. With Infinifeed™, you no longer need highly specialised skills to manage your automation systems. Stay connected, stay efficient, and let Infinifeed™ take your production capabilities to new heights.


Used in a wide range of industries including:


  • Aerospace
  • Water fittings
  • Automotive
  • Mechanics
  • Electric components
  • Electronics
  • Fashion accessories
  • Medical


Key benefits of the Infinifeed™ powered by Shibaura Machine:


  • Easy integration and reduced setup times: Streamlined processes ensure quick and easy integration. Easily integrate the robotic feeder into your existing production line or use it as a stand-alone solution
  • User-friendly interface: Intuitive controls and programming options make setup and operation seamless. Intuitive app makes it accessible for all without the need for specialised skills
  • Precision feeding: Ensures consistent and accurate placement of components or materials
  • High-speed performance: Boost throughput and minimise cycle times for maximum efficiency
  • Continuous connectivity: Stay updated with real-time alerts and remote control features

Experience the future of industrial automation with Infinifeed™ powered by Shibaura Machine. Contact TM Robotics today to learn more about how Infinifeed™ paired with Shibaura Machine’s industrial robots can increase productivity and revolutionise your manufacturing processes.