Robot programming is often considered complex, but it doesn’t have to be. In reality, programming could be compared to creating a straightforward list of instructions for robotic hardware – made simpler or more complex based on the application and robot programming language used.

TM Robotics prides itself on providing easy to program robots. This is supported through Shibaura Machine’s software options, which includes TSAssist. This automation tool can be used across all of Shibaura Machine’s SCARA and six-axis robots.

For those embarking on their first automation project, TSAssist can aid during planning, installation and robot enhancement. The key to the tool’s ease of use comes from intuitive screen design and 3D simulation of robot projects. The 3D offering spans from simple outline simulation to highly intricate multi-angle simulation. Using this feature, a user can save the 3D simulation to a video file, before archiving it into a folder.

For those new to robot programming, TSAssist also provides robot language input support through keyword suggestions. This can speed up the programming process, minimise the risk of errors and improve operator efficiency.   

Learn more about TSAssist here. Or, watch the video below.





Robot programming language

How to program a robot | Robot programming language | Robot programming trainingShibaura Machine robots and their controllers – including the new TS5000 – use SCOL, a robot programming language similar to BASIC. While based on a popular and accessible programming language, SCOL is regarded as a high-level process control language, which was specifically developed for multi-purpose control systems. For robotic applications, SCOL is ideal.


Users do not need experience in SCOL to program a Shibaura Machine robot. However, for those wanting more knowledge and experience using this robot programming language, TM Robotics can provide training.


Robot programming training

You may be eligible for free robot programming training. If you are interested, please contact the training team at TM Robotics. At TM Robotics, we have over 20 years of experience in robotics, with several technical engineers supporting our training programs. Contact us today to arrange your training session.