How much does a robot cost?

Representing a brand with a longstanding history, like Shibaura Machine, we’re always transparent about our pricing. However, the cost of industrial robots can vary dramatically due to the wealth of factors, features and specifications to

For instance, a heavy duty 6-axis robot with several degrees of freedom will cost far more than a small-scale linear robot that has been designed for a single and straightforward application. Moreover, the size, speed and desired application of a robot can necessitate changes – all of which we can facilitate when working with OEMs for specific applications.

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Robotic arms for sale 

Shibaura Machine manufactures a number of robot types, including six-axis robots. Our six-axis selection includes the TV, TVL and TVM ranges. This type of robot is best suited to handling, assembly or pick-and-place and can be used in several industrial applications. All Shibaura Machine 6-axis robots come with a controller as standard.

Similarly, the SCARA robot and Cartesian robot ranges from Shibaura Machine have several options, all of which vary in price. The SCARA robot range from Shibaura Machine is the most extensive on the market and includes the THE600 SCARA – the price to performance leader when compared to similar models of its size.

All Shibaura Machine robots are competitively priced and the most affordable of the ranges start from $9,000 USD (approx. €8,000). 

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