Flexible robotic solutions

When selecting an industrial robot model that will work for you now and in the future, consider its flexibility. A multitasking robot is a valuable resource on the factory floor, opening up numerous production possibilities.


Looking for a multitasking robot? Then choose the THE600, a flexible robotic solution ideal for your desired robotic process.Shibaura Machine, formerly Toshiba Machine, SCARA robots are designed for multitasking. Shibaura Machine’s SCARA controllers can run up to four tasks simultaneously. However, only one task, the main one, can include movement commands. Therefore, things like I/O processing and communications with external devices can occur independently to robot movement.


For example, while the SCARA robot is picking the current part, it can receive the coordinate data from a vision system regarding where the next pick will need to be. This reduces overall cycle time, as data is processed while the robot is in transit between positions.


In addition, all of Shibaura Machine’s SCARA & 6-Axis models come with an internal programmable logic control (PLC), called the TCmini, which runs asynchronously to the robot program, with its own dedicated processor. The TCMini can be used to cap-ture or buffer data, manage inputs and outputs and communicate with ex-ternal devices like human-machine interfaces (HMIs) through For flexible robotic solutions, choose the THL700, a multitasking robot ideal for your desired robotic process.most common FieldBus networks.



Bowl feeding

One multitasking robotics solution was developed in partnership with TM Robotics’ UK distributor, RARUK Automation. By combining the cost-effective Shibaura Machine THL700 with RARUK’s Flexibowl, we have created a fully automated pick-and-place system, able to sort and separate small parts for production. It’s an ideal solution for manufacturers who work with frequent product changeovers and small volumes.


To see the THL700 and Flexibowl in action, watch this video:



By integrating Shibaura Machine industrial robots with other components, it is possible to create effective, flexible robotics solutions that meet all a customer’s needs.


Working with OEMs

TM Robotics has a long history of working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create bespoke robotics solutions. If you’ve got a complex application that requires a multitasking, flexible robotics solution, request a no-obligation consultation.

To learn more about robotic processes and mutitasking robots, contact us at: info@tmrobotics.com.

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