Shibaura Machine 6-axis industrial robots

Compact in design yet offering high performance, 6-axis robots are the ideal solution for many manufacturing enviroments. They provide the optimal combination of flexibility, strength and reach. Able to move along six different axes, 6-axis industrial robots are suited for precision automation and can easily be reprogrammed to complete other tasks.


Vertically articulated 6-axis industrial robot range

TM Robotics offers industrial robot manufacturer Shibaura Machine’s TV, TVL and TVM range of 6-axis robots, which find uses in a host of handling applications across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing for automotive components, plastics, medical, packaging and the pharmaceutical sector. 

As a result, the company is one of a very few worldwide suppliers who can offer easy to use 6-axis, SCARA and Cartesian robots - with reaches from 600-1700mm and payloads up to 20kg - that are sourced from a single industrial robot manufacturer.


Robot controller with built-in PLC

Shibaura Machine’s TS3000E, TS3100E and TSL3200E controllers are programmed in SCOL, a language similar to BASIC, as are all Shibaura Machine SCARA and 6-axis industrial robots, and has the option of a teach pendant for easy access outside the robot cell.

6-axis robots can also be combined with vision and conveyor tracking solutions for complex pick and place, fully automated quality control and inspection tasks. Learn more about our 3D vision offering, TSVison3D, here.

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